Osteocondrose it is a disease of the spine, where the discs of the spinal column (and, later, the body of the vertebrae, joints and ligaments lose their ability to function as normal.

The cause of the degenerative disc disease is currently considered to be a major factor that affects the spine during a person's life. An additional risk for the development of a degenerative disease of the disc creates an injury to the spinal cord, as well as the violation of posture. Some patients have pointed to a communication from the onset of the disease, and in the air force.

In practice, it is considered to be

  • the neck osteocondrose,
  • osteocondrose and
  • in the lumbar spine.

Separately, it should be noted that osteocondrose in common, which is characterized by a loss of various departments of the spinal cord.

The most common are cervical and breast cancer so, how do these departments and of the spinal column, are exposed to the highest loads.

The symptoms of degenerative disc disease

When osteocondrose patients to describe symptoms, such as:

  • paroxysmal or shooting pain in the affected osteochondrosis, department of the spinal column;
  • the amplification of the pain after exercise, and also the morning;
  • the pain can be in neck, arm, or leg, and the chest;
  • the feel of the grip when you perform the twists.

For degenerative disc disease, are also characteristic symptoms, the character of the brain on the affected side:

  • part of the violation of movement (paresis);
  • unpleasant sensations such as tingling, feeling of "pins and needles" (paresthesia);
  • by means of the palpation of a given muscle tension, related to, reached by the department.

The disease starts and develops gradually, not abruptly.

A distinction must be made osteocondrose of the spinal column of ischemic heart disease (when the CHD and the occurrence of pain related to physical activity, due to factors secondary to cough, a long seat).


The same symptoms may also be signs of various diseases, and the disease can escape, not from a textbook. Don't try to cure yourself — talk to your doctor.

In the treatment of degenerative disc disease, is always to require a joined-up approach. When the processing is necessary for the caution of the doctors, such as a physical therapist, a rheumatologist, a neurologist and a physical therapist. In the treatment of degenerative disc disease of the spine depends on the location, most of the symptoms and the severity of the disease.

Conservative therapy is aimed at eliminating the symptoms of pain but also to regain the normal function of the spinal column.

The rational power of the osteochondrosis it is the state of the patient, and it contributes to a more effective therapy. Read more about the basics of nutrition, when you osteocondrose in our other article.

The treatment is targeted at approximately 10% of patients. An indicator is simple and easy to use for the operation of the intervention is when osteochondrosis is the appearance of neurological disorders, due to the crushing of the spinal cord.

Additional indicators for the surgical treatment of degenerative disc disease is a consideration of the following:

  • long-lasting, recurring bouts of pain.
  • with the rise of mobility, and a suspicion of the instability of the u.s. department of the spinal column;
  • the inefficiency of drug therapy during the last 3 months.
  • it expresses the breach, thus preventing the patient to lead a full life.

The methods of handling the immediate

Surgery with the least amount of trauma to:

  • In the intervertebral disc after the puncturevine introducing the enzyme, with the aim of healing, and the kernel, and the fibrous ring of the disc.
  • The punch nucleotomy – to penetrate the intervertebral disc in order to remove a portion of the poison.
  • Services, disc – intervertebral disc in the unit to introduce a drug that blocks the sensitivity of the nerve endings.

The rest of the techniques for the surgical treatment of degenerative disc disease of the spine, are the least smooth. These include the following:

  • The partial or Total removal of the intervertebral disc or hernia – this operation is aimed at the reduction of the symptoms of being in love.
  • The prosthesis of the intervertebral disc – the main task is the determination of the dead of the vertebral segments.

The operational methods for the treatment of degenerative disc disease of the spine, they give the prediction of complete recovery in only 50% of the time.

When the appropriate treatment, prediction of life, it is almost always favorable, however, for the prediction of the capacity for work may be different due to a number of factors.

Exercise osteocondrose

Exercise 1.
Tilt your head forward while simultaneously pressing down on the forehead, made with the fingers of the hand. Consistently stick your finger in the back of her head, and red on the left, to the right. Head to take the pressure of the hand, the hand pressure on the head. Spend 10-s of each movement.

The year 2's.
Place the tips of your four fingers on the head of one against the other, press down on the skin of the whole surface of the palm, and the soft traction movements, stretching it out in a period of from 10 to 40 s, even stretching it, we can do it, and in the temple, in the longitudinal and in the transverse. Even in - the-ear - stretching it in all directions, especially the ear lobe. T. you will improve the circulation in areas of rich biological active points.

The year 3's.
This type of massage improves the blood flow in the jugular veins, thereby improving the nutrition of the brain. It feels exactly straight back. Slowly pull your head back, and helping hand, and pushing down on the chin, to the back and to the top of it. You can slowly turn your head to the left and to the right of it. Stay in this position for about a minute or so. For the children, enough for a 10-st

The year 4's.
In this exercise, improve the spine the cervical plexus is a nervous. It feels exactly straight back. Slowly, slowly, tilt your head forward, trying to touch your chin to the chest. Place the fabric with your hands and fingers on the back of the head, and push it towards the front and one to the top, Pripnoanima the back of the head. He feels around for a minute or so. A few minutes after the 15th, you can repeat it.

The year 5's.
As you raise your shoulders up, trying to come up with the the ears, lower down, more free, more rapidly, within fifteen (15) to the s., Now alternately a shoulder up, the other down, is also 15 seconds. Gently scrub the neck with the palm of your hand.